Google Glass ‘Enterprise Edition’ leaked info goes viral

Google Glass is set to have a new model in its range, or at least, that’s what rumor has it. Google recently ended the Explorer program during the earlier half of this year.

According to 9to5Google reports, the ‘Enterprise Edition’ is also going to include Intel Atom processor. The Glass will also have a larger prism display.

Google is said to alleviate the eye strains that had been previously reported. The display is also larger than the projecting crystal.

Reports that Google has moved from Texas Instruments to Intel has also been confirmed.

The addition of the newer low power chip made by Intel Atom has confirmed it. This is mainly intended to increase the battery life of the Glass.

Google Glass 'Enterprise Edition'

The Glass has improved the overall performance as well as heat management with the newer processor, as opposed to that seen with the previous processor with Texas Instruments.

An external battery pack has been observed in the Enterprise Edition device as confirmed by 9to5Google. They are aimed at particular clients for specified purposes.

A filing with details on a product that was unnamed was submitted to the Federal Communications Commission. The specifications seemed very similar to the new variant of Glass.

The document spoke of a device, named model number ‘GG1’, that supports Bluetooth file sharing, Wi-Fi and makes use of rechargeable batteries.

It also features a USB cable suitable for charging and for data transfer upon connection with a PC.

These reports were however not commented upon by Google.

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