Google Grand Pixel Launch Event: Updates & Innovations You Should Know About


Google’s biggest event of this year has just started and we are going to tell you what and what not to expect from Google this year. A lot of devices are expected to be launched this year along the new Android Nougat, but the main highlight of this year’s event are expected to be the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones.


These two are expected to steal the show this year along with some other gadgets, hence here we bring to you what to expect from Google this year: –

Google Pixel and Pixel XL

If rumours are to be believed these new Pixel flagship smartphones will become the next generation of the handset to run pure Android. These phones have been leaked so much on all media platforms that there is no need to brag about their specifications but they are surely going to be heftily priced.

Daydream VR Headset

Daydream is the new upcoming VR platform that Google is going to launch this year at the coming event, The software was already announced earlier this year by the brand, but we are expecting to see some concrete gadgets at the event. The headset is expected to be priced at $79 which is a lot less compared to other high-end brands.

Google Home

This new product is hand picked so that Google can be part of your home or actually be the brain of it, the product was however unveiled earlier this year, the can, however, be seen at this event too. It simply consists of a speaker which will be at your discretion to play music or audio files and along with that it will also answer your questions too through Google Assistant. This device will also let you control other smart home devices and another useful task.

Google WiFi

Google is already manufacturing a router called On Hub but this one is expected to have a distinct personality than that and is expected to be unveiled at this event. What this device do is, it link different networks all together to make one giant and fast network, which will even increase the speed of the network, clubbing together all the speed as well as boost the range of the WiFi.

Android 7.1

Yes, we are not mistaken, as Android 7.0, i.e, Android Nougat is already available on certain devices, it has been rumoured that a newer version of the OS might get launched at the event. This OS, however, is expected to run just Pixel and Pixel XL yet, but we might see it soon rolling out for nexus devices too. This si it, for now, stay tuned for more articles and interesting updates.

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