Google to introduce travel-discovery App: ‘Trips’

Google to introduce travel-discovery app ‘Trips’

Google is set to release an all-new travel app, ‘Google Trips’ that will help travelers plan and get around in new places.

Photographs of the proposed app were first posted on AndroidWorld on the 29th of April, and the application is now being tested and refined by members of the Google Local Guide’s Program.

The upcoming ‘Google Trips’ app will be available for both Android as well as iOS devices, and will help users discover new destinations, identify eateries, familiarize with local transportation as well as find other tourist activities in the vicinity.

Information on ‘Google Trips’ will be user-generated, where contributors will be awarded benefits or rewards points for authentic information sourced on their trips.

The new app will be able to to pull up your travel information from your Gmail account and display it cohesively within the app, be it your tickets, travel reminders as well as favorite destinations of travel. Going through past travel itineraries is a breeze as the app will make all previous travel information available offline too.

While most modern applications look to provide you with functionality to have an entirely planned trip, Google Trips concentrates on ‘helping you discover a new destination while also helping you get there.’ This is why the app is expected to hit local travel planners, over the business of comprehensive travel apps as it’s not ‘utility’ but ‘discovery’ that it has to offer.

Although you will find that most of the functionality ‘Google Trips’ is set to offer is already available on Google Maps, the new app will present your travel information in a handy layout.

The new app is easy to use and won’t require swapping applications for navigation, discovery and quick facts in a new place of travel. Google has released no information as to when the app will be available to the public for download.

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