Google Maps: Updated Maps Will Give More Better & Super Sharp Satellite Imagery


Looks like the google is going on quite amazingly and is making it the most favored choice for many youths when it comes to latest updates in its users experience or updating them to make it more vulnerable to many coming towards it.

The google maps is one of the amazing and most loving when it comes to choose the best location finder or a route finder anywhere on the earth. The google maps can be available on any stage or platform, any device can run it without any possible problems all you need is just a good connection. Google has recently updated his mapping applications with new and with much higher-resolution imagery from NASA’s Landsat 8 satellite which the company has announced today. This simply means Google Maps and Google Earth can now contain far more sharper and more detailed photographs, which Google used to update its cloud-free mosaic of the planet.

google-maps imageryBy putting together many selective portions of the Earth within the clear skies, Google’s mosaic is able to eliminate clouds and other weather obstructions to create a crystal-clear and amazing snapshot of every corner of this possible world from all-around.

Google Maps and Earth’s satellite imagery together was updated last in the year 2013. At that time, Google used shots captured by the less-capable Landsat 7, which seriously suffered a hardware failure back in 2003 that resulted in some portions of the world having diagonal gaps of missing data.

Google has confirmed that its new mosaic was crafted from nearly a petabyte of data which was containing more than 700 trillion pixels. The company is able to make use of this imagery because NASA when in collaboration with the United States Geological Survey makes its Landsat database open source for anyone to make use of. All the images of it can be accessed using the Earth Engine application programming interface, which scientists uses to study large-scale and all the global changes in the environment and can be capable of tracking the reason and possible ways of spreading of many diseases.

In the case of Google the imagery is used for a quite simpler purpose. Still, it is endlessly fascinating to scour the globe from the distance of a satellite which is orbiting around all the time, and the view has never ever looked so much and far better than before. You can check out the latest updated imagery by activating the satellite layer in Google Maps or by booting up the latest version of Google Earth on your device.


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