‘Gotham’ Season 3 Episode 3 “Look Into My Eyes”: Full Episode Reviews & Recap


Gotham is going to have some very thrilling moments in this season as the duo of Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne are together fulfilling all the lackings of Batman character in the series.

While bruce fills all the lackings like name, backstory and innnate sense of justice, Gordon fills all the things like stubborness, bitternes and brute strenth and the most important innate belief the he knows right from wrong, but sometimes it actually turns out to be a doubt. The third episode Look Into My Eyes is one of the biggest and most strong example of this given sentence. While the most biggest thing in the Gotham series tourns out to be the bruce Meeting its doppelgangerfrom the end of the last episode, while the whole city shows no sign of firm stance on justice or morality so to thinking about Gotham’s caring and well being is like doing something which doesn’t have any moral code, this simplye turns out for Bruce Humaity too as in the show he doesn’t have any moral code in the show or almost zero.

episode-3This might not seems very strange as the whole show doesn’t have code neither the characters too. While the show seems not very caring but the duo of Ed and Oswald seems to have something good between them as they both actually care about eachother in the show.

But as the last week’s showdown between Fish vs Oswald, whether Fish was telling the truth about her maternal pride towards the Penguin or she was just trying to save her own side, but it seems actual and worked on Oswald too, this shows that Oswald still have some emotions left in there and still care for somethings which are related to the humans.

But this seems quite different for Tetch and actually explains why he is so bad in his life. The biggest questions still remains until it didn’t get answered and everyone is eager to find out the reason why. Though the villains in the city seems to be of very different thinkings and ideas.

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