‘Gotham’ Season 3 Latest Updates Airing Dates, Star-Cast, Whole New Look Of Characters Revealed {Pics Inside}

Gotham is back on FOX for season 3 on Monday ,september19 at 8 p.m. ET.Details can be checked on fall TV premiere schedule.The season 2 finale episode was a transference in which truck loaded with professor Hugo strange’s superpowered test subjects crashed and those subjects scattered onto the streets of Gotham which is a glut of potential villains for the third season.

Image of Bruce Wayne as doppelganger reveals that Bruce will be undergoing a kind of makeover for season three. On the official Gotham twitter account in the image, Bruce is not alone. Two, yet unnamed  are seen alongside him. Those unnamed seem as they also came out of Professor Strange’s truck after it crashed. Both look like twins with silvery upright hair. Bruce is sporting a long unkempt hairstyle and a black jacket with several zippers . On Twitter account , dramatically different looking version of the clone is posted but it is not clear that the character of dopplergang would be on the side of good or evil.

Gotham season 3 image

Bruce Copy will  be more of a villain as evident from the images. Odd hairstyles of dopplergang connect with some sort of superpower and Copy Bruce seems to be the leader of the trial.

Gotham is crime television series created by Bruno Heller.Originally the series is about Gordan’s early days on Gotham city Police department but later it includes the Wayne character and stories of many Batman Villians like Catwoman,The Penguin ,The Scarecrow,Hugo strange and Mr. Freeze.Gotham premiered on FOX in 2014 and the series was renewed for the third season in march 2016.

In the first season Gotham a new recruit at Gotham city police department is pushed into an unlikely friendship with Bruce who eventually makes him Batman.In the second season ,Gordan is involved in the sequence of events actually operated by Theogalavan and his sister Tabithato take over Gotham.

Gotham season 3 new buzz

In the third season Gordan has got a new look as a bounty hunter.He works to track down Indian hill experiments.In season 3 Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle  have the potential to hook up.Their strong emotions for each other are to push them over the edge into romance.Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle clear connection are noticeable from the very beginning of series.sometimes they have been antagonistic and at other time they are affectionate as Selina fought and flirted with the young billionaire.

Selina kissed Bruce in season 1,and Bruce started some joyful moments with the future villain.Visible romantic stress started to come from both sides after Bruce got hit by puberty stick.

Both Bruce and Selina have seen each other at their good and worst together and its key point of adorable teen romance.The emotional growth between Bruce and Selina is evidence that Gotham is pursuing a version of legendary batman /Catwoman relationship.
“Gotham” season 3 is set to premiere on Sept. 19, 8:00 p.m. on FOX.

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