‘Gotham’ Season 3: Upcoming Episode 4 “New Day Rising” New Promo Trailer & Episode Synopsis


Gotham which will going to have the fourth episode on 10th of October will going to have some very thrilling and crazy chills as the title suggest which is being given to it “New Day Rising”. While the preview for the episode is all out and it gives some very great scenes to show to the viewers.

While the synopsis of the episode preview tells that it will going to give us some more of the Mad Hunter, as we are expecting to see Jim Gordon to struggle againts the mind controlling freaky power of Jevis Tetch, while there are some more things in the teaser of the upcoming episode. Penguin gains more power as he will gets much close to the nominaions for the mayor of Gotham, meanwhile the Gordon turns Alice which is basically a guest star Naian Gonzalez Norvind will going to go into the GCPD bounty and aslo the Bruce and Alfred’s race to find Bruce’s identity which is assumed to be actually assumption.

gotham-season3FOX has released a video which features Mad Hatter which is being portrayed very effectively by Benedict Samuel but itfills the hints about what Tetch’s Arc will going to look like throughout the season.

gotham-season-4In a special interview with Benedict, it has been clearified that he possess some very great powers to see the hidden yet the biggest desires of his victims as well his characterization, and to make the scene more scary and thrilling he is coming with her sister Alice who is carrying a very special virus which is known as the Jervis, Jervis is the only one immune to her blood which can easily brings out the darkest versions of anyone who is exposed.

Here’s The Promo Teaser Of Episode 4:

As this shows the debut of both Mad Hatter and her sister Alice but this debut didn’t exactly work out for Jim Gordon and how he finds hinself between a rock and a hard place. The Gotham will going to bring backk some of the very greatest and infamous criminal organisation which is known as the Court of The Owls, with the Indian Hills escapees on the loose, Jim Gordon must take matter into his own hands as a bounty hunter in Gotham.

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