Grand Finale: Splitsvilla 9 Winner Declared 8th October 2016 Episode 20 Gurmeet Kavya Become Ultimate King & Queen

So here we are in the last episode of the Splitsvilla 9 host by Hot Sunny Leone and ex-roadie Rannvijay. The battle left the decision who will be the ultimate queen of season 9. Rajnandini, Kavya, and Martina left from the 15 queens who started the game of love. Tonight is the night when we will get to know this.

Let’s start, The last episode started in the battleground itself where three princess Shreeradhe, Mia, and Martina was there with four Worriers Gurmeet, Nikhil, Varun and Archie along with all the other ex-Splitsvillains witnessing the semi finale. Mia performed with Nikhil, Martina performed with Varun whereas got eliminated as both Gurmeet and Archie refused to perform with Shreeradhe. Martina and Mia performed in the semi finale where Martina came as a winner of season 9. Kavya and Gurmeet have already won the show and is already reported by many news portals.




The winner of Splitsvilla 9 was already pre-decided according to the sources. It was already fixed that Gurmeet or Varun will come out as the winner and all the task were planned in a way to give more advantage to these two. And finally, Gurmeet as the winner of season 9.
Gurmeet and Varun both were in Roadies-X2, where Gurmeet lost to Prince Narula in Grand Finale. Prince Narula is the winner of both Roadies-X2 and Big boss 9.

Gurmeet & Kavya Win Splitsvilla 9

1st Runner Up: Rajnandani & Archie

2nd Runner Up: Varun & Martina

There is also a rumour that Rajnanadi’s connection Archie will not be able to able to perform along with her because of his injured hand. Rajnandini will choose to Mia’s connection Nikhil!
Is Gurmeet worthy winner of season 9? Let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to see Grand Finale of MTV Splitsvilla 9 tonight at 7 pm.

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