Greatly Anticipated Movie ‘Girl Asleep’: Audience Live Response & Reviews On Theatrical Release

Girl Asleep movie review

‘Girl Asleep’ which might also be one of a unique upcoming movies which is based on an Australian coming age Drama movie penned down by Matthew Whittet and is directed by Rosemary Myers.

The story of the movie is a girl which is basically 14 years old named as Greta Driscoll, she is a shy, awkward and a very imaginary girl who is tackling his adolescence problems. The movie seems to be described and portrayed as an extrovert fantasy movie about a dreamscape of an introvert teenager girl, who got propelled into a parallel space which is quite weird and the day is her 15th Birthday.  The star cast of the movie consists of Bethany Whitmore as Greta, Harrison Feldman as Elliott, Imogen Archer as Genevieve, Tilda Cobham-Hervey as The Huldra, Eamon Farren as Adam as Benoit Trent, Matthew Whittet as Conrad the Abject Man. Amber McMahon as Janet the Frozen Woman.
girl-asleep-movieTheir role and character might be very small and not of very great importance but they still have given their best. The story of movie which shows up all the possible imagination of a girl who is about to turn 15 and she is very much worried that how she will going to face the world, but her childhood is still not letting her go off his memories and dragging gear back to stay the same.

This consequences and imagination of this about to turn 15-year-old girl seems to have a few lacking and that might be the lagging of the story.

girl asleep movie She is getting too much of imagination about what’s coming and then on his birthday, her parents threw a surprise party. All the things were going great until the surprise of the 15th birthday party starts changing into a parallel place, and the world that’s weirdly erotic, a little bit violent and thoroughly ludicrous.

This amazing story is quietly presented and got impressive reviews and response from the critics. The live audience reviews show great and impressive response from the viewers towards the movie. The very first day collection and earnings of the movie is around which is also impressive too for the movie makers.

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