‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: Amelia Is pregnant! Episode 5 Synopsis & Previews Spoiler


The teaser of grey’s anatomy season 13 episode 5 comes with a great news to the viewers and maybe to Owen too, that Amelia’s pregnant . Finally the marriage was stage and steady but after this news what would be Owens reaction and the effects on their daily life.

Previously what we saw was Alex fighting with the circumstances and her new boss(Tamir) who is making things bad for her and that is affecting her working in the clinic, But still she doesn’t forget that she is a doctor and manages to save the life of a teenage girl and even puts his future regarding the court trial at risk in doing so .The complications and misunderstandings between Meredith and Rigg lead to a woman paralyzed from the waist -down.

ameliaBut Meredith does try to solve it and clear it up y stating that she wants to be cagoules nothing more than that but the interference of Maggie makes it more complicated for both of them . Amelia was also complicating things with own in her marriage by badgering him about random facts about him.

But they still find a way out to trust each other so much that finally, they both reveal their dark secrets from their past. The next episode is a total game changer so before knowing the spoilers for episode 5 u should know the story of episode 4.

The trailer of episode 5 begins with April in excitement asking Amelia if she is pregnant!! , yeah, that sure is a very big burden all of a sudden and Owen does not know about it . we then see Meredith tell Amelia,” Congratulations!” and give her a hug.

Amelia shares,”I am never late,never” to which Meredith replies, “you think you’re pregnant ?I hugged you and you haven’t even peed in a stick yet? after this statement Meredith gives amelia a Pregnancy test kit for knowing for sure if she is pregnant or not . This promo does get our hopes up ,as Amelia asks Owen if he has a mind to talk.

This does get a bit tricky if this would be the main story line for amelia then why this would be teased . Therefore Amelia thinking she is pregnant can be a false alarm and maybe be this is a way of making expectations high than when they reveal that she cannot have a baby that would be a huge thriller.

Ironically the actress is also pregnant in real life and is very reluctant of broadcasting news . As we all know this ain’t a mainstream show, Do you think she is impotent?

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