‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: Episode 3, Latest Synopsis, Reviews Of The Trailer & Upcoming Highlights

Grey's Anatomy

The Third episode of one of the most amazing and viewed Tv serial will soon going to have the third episode which is named as “I Ain’t No Miracle Worker” which will go to show a gap among the three main characters of the show namely the Meredith, Maggie, and Riggs in the story.

While according to some news officials the show is set to show a very awkward and shocking love triangle as the character of Maggie which is being played by Kelly McCreary ask Riggy which is being played by Martin Henderson, to go out for a date. This situation of ‘Date’ will go to prevail some very serious and uncomfortable situation for both of them as their working environments will definitely going to affect because of this Date when on the other hand Riggs does all he can do to stay away from getting into the same room with them.

Grey's AnatomySome very serious things will go to step in present and will going to get awaken from the past as Maggie with which he had a very close and intimate relation in the passed will going to some in front of him soon for making him remember the moments again.

The story will definitely go to reveal some very unusual feeling of Maggie which will go to arise during a car ride with Alex. Not just that, the third episode, as cited by many buzz sites would also show Ben, which is being played by played by Jason George, take on the role of a parent, Amelia, played by Caterina Scorsone, helping Maggie and Meredith in solving a problem.

Here’s The Teaser of The Episode 3:

“Grey’s Anatomy” Season 13’s third episode will go to air on Thursday, October 6 at 8pm. This will go to be an immediate follow-up by the fourth episode on October 13. According to the news, the fourth episode “Falling Slowly” will focus on Alex and how Jackson and April adjust as parents to their baby. Stay tuned to the New Recorder For more latest and amazing updates about the Tv Serials.

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