‘Happy Dussehra’ 2016: Wishes Quotes Images Messages Dp Pics


Dussehra or Vijaydashmi which is known as one of India’s biggest festival and is also known as the festival which marks the symbol of victory of good over evil.

While the festival is known to be related to two very devotional and historical stories from which one is from the Hindu Epic scripture Ramayan. The scripture reveals that Shri Ram has defeated the very known evil Dashanan or Ravana and the other story is the Hindu goddess Durga who got the victory over the demon Mahisasura, while the goddess fought with the evil for around ten days and nine nights and when on the 10th day she won.

dussehraThe day is termed as the Vijayadashami which is derived from the Sanskrit language which means victory on the 10th day. The other very known festival Diwali is celebrated after 20 days.

The day is also celebrated as the day on which the people arranges social gatherings and many Hindus arranges social events and gatherings and then they offer food and other offerings to the gods while they are at their home or at their holy places (temple).

The day is also the ending of Ramayan, which is the play of a very holy and renown scripture and it is portrayed every year to showcase the victory of good over evil every time.

There are lots of devotional and spiritual connections of people with this day. The Dussehra is known to be as one of the biggest and most celebrated days in India, more than any other national or international day worldwide.

While the love and affection of people on this day is very natural and they all show their brotherhood and love for others.

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