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Karwa Chauth is one of the biggest festivals which is being celebrated in the India since a very long time and it has so many rituals, significance, and histories.

The day is also spelled as Karva Chauth which is basically a one-day festival which is being celebrated by all the Indian women who prays for the well-being of their husbands or fianc├ęs. The Indian festival is majorly celebrated mostly in Northwest part of India and this time it will going to be celebrated on Wednesday, October 19, this year.

happy-karva-chauthWhile Karwa also means clay pot and chauth means fourth, which implies that the festival is celebrated on the fourth day of the month of Kartik.

karva-chauth-imagesHey God please gave me his immense blessings by making you as my wife.
You make my whole life complete and meaningful.
You are the reason behind my existence.
It’s your blessed prayers that bind us together.
I am Wishing to god to let me live long with you.
Happy Karwa Chauth.

This Karwa Chauth,
I thank you for giving me a happy life which is filled with lots of happiness.
I am so grateful to god that I got you as my husband/wife.
You make my life beautiful with all good feelings and happiness.
Happy Karwa Chauth.

You are so much away from me on this Karwa Chauth,
I might be sad on this lovely day, but my prayers are still with you.
I wish to spend my whole life together with you.
Happy Karwa Chauth.

May this sindoor on your forehead,
Testify your hearty prayers,
For the long life of your husband.
May your mangal sutra reminds me,
the promises that I have made with you while getting married.
Happy Karwa Chauth.

karwa-chauth-funny-imagesMay the sight of this full moon fills our heart with a lot of happiness for a whole lifetime.
Wishing you a very blessed Karwa Chauth.

This festive mood is on with the moon which is shining brightly within us,
Sorry for being still away from you right now,
But I am pretty sure that you are still praying for my happiness.
I miss you a lot right now and I’m wishing you the greetings of Karwa Chauth.

I wish to see you while leading a happy married life with your love. May you be blessed with a family that showers immense love and support forever. Happy Karwa Chauth.

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