‘Happy Mother’s Day’ Belarus Lovely Messages Wishes Quotes Images & Captions


Mother is known to be as one of the biggest and most important thing in the life of everyone as nothing can be think without her.

The day is having lots of celebrations and surprises for the mothers, while the whole year they do everything for us and we get only this day to celebrate their dedication and undisputed love for us. The day is celebrated on different days in different countries in different time of the year.

mothers-dayThe Belarus celebrates the Mother’s Day on 14 October, Like other ex-Communist republics, Belarus used to celebrate only the International Women Day on 8 March. Mother’s Day in Belarus was officially established by the Belarus government, and it was celebrated for the first time in 1996.

The celebration of the Virgin Mary (the holiday of Protection of the Holy Mother of God) is celebrated on the same day and with lots of festivities and celebrations as the day is very remarkable.

The Belarusian Mother’s Day was officially established by President Alexander Lukashenko in 1996. The date of October 14 was chosen because it coincides with the Intercession of the Theotokos, which is a feast of the Mother of God celebrated in the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Although Mother’s Day is a working holiday, it is widely celebrated throughout the county. The day is marked with official ceremonies aimed at recognizing the significant role in mothers plays in Belarusian society.

The celebration is specially designed to celebrate the love and effection of motherhood in throughout the world and shows the importance of mothers in the world.

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