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Krishna Janmashtami which is known to be as one of the holiest and sacred festivals if India is today and all the festivities are already started with lots of joy and fun. The day which is celebrated on the occasion of the birthday of Lord Krishna who is one of the Incarnation of Lord Vishnu the almighty god and the creator and keeper of the Universe.

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Images Wallpapers

Lord Krishna’s birth does have a very long and impressive story, but the story resembles the significance of honesty and dedication to the almighty god. The day is celebrated in many different ways and all the ways are quite impressive and joyful, the very famous way of celebrating this day is (Dahi-Handi) which resembles the naughtiness and mischievousness of Lord Krishna because he is very fond of Butter and he can climb over any height for eating the butter.

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The game is that the people who are into this competition have to prepare a human tower by standing one over one and then reached the height where the earthen pot is situated and they have to either break it or bring it down. This game shows the eagerness of people to enjoy the fun which Krishna does in his childhood. On this day people also gathers at the temple and  sings songs while praising the idol of Lord Krishna by putting him on the small swing, and then while swinging they do all the rituals which is said to be done for him.

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Krishna-Janmashtami 11happy-janmashtamiHappy Janmashtami 10happy-janmashtami 6This day also brings the joy for the food lovers, who are fond of sweets and having a sweet tooth is not a bad thing, they can easily fulfil their desire to this day. All the festivities and joy also resembles the message which he has given to us that honesty and dedication are the only things which will go to lead you to the success and greed and ego can destroy you from both inside and outside. So guys enjoy this amazing day without having any grudge against anyone and surely the god will go to take care of you. So guys enjoy the day and have lots of fun which if full of festivities and perform a traditional ritual to celebrate the birth of Almighty Lord Krishna.

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