Haryana’s Renown Folk Singer & Dancer ‘Sapna Choudhary’ Commits Suicide Over Disputed FIR

Sapna Chodhary Suicide

The Indian community is known for it’s immense and exceptional talent to entertain and make the best out of the moment without putting any efforts, but sometimes these stars of small life get underestimated and got hurt so much that it chills spines of many and makes them do what no one wants to do or even attempt.

The latest sad news about one of the very known and talented singer and dancer ‘Sapna Tamwar’ of Indian small Tv screens and also live shows which are known for the amazingness and the fun which stays on the show throughout the India. The very famous singer of Indian community which sings songs basically in folk languages and a very talented dancer too. She is very much hurt by the rumours and statements which has taken place while regarding his image which got leaked on the social sites and that is very hurtful to the very point, this point hurt her so much that she felt so much depressed because of all this. She tried to commit suicide by taking poison and before doing this she wrote a letter which consists of 6 pages in which she wrote about her sufferings and every single insult which she faces because of all this.

Sapna Chodhary Suicide

She wrote about all the bad and insulting comment which was posted on her ‘facebook’ page and which is really offensive and threatening to the very point. The place where she tried to commit suicide in her residing home which is in Najafgarh.

The main thing which causes the arising to this very sad and offensive decision is because of her performance which she has given at village in Gurgaon dated 17 February, 2016, she was blamed for saying offensive and insulting words for a group or community and then a person named as Satpal Tanwar registered a FIR against insulting a community of India which is an offensive crime according to the Indian Judiciary Law and can lead to serious situations and effects.

He filed a case under SC/ST act and after the matter goes viral the whole thing becomes gets too much against this talented actor. She has also requested the Cheif Minister Manohar Lal Khattar of Haryana to bring his attention towards this whole scenario but the things didn’t get noticed very much.

Sapna Chodhary Suicde

She later asked for an apology from the people through the social websites but she was not forgiven by those who are trying and wants strict action against Sapna Tanwar, she also says that she has been targeted by my guys who are trying to create a bad image of her against the society.

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