Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Nomination For US President

Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Nomination For US President

A history barrier has been broken down by the one of the most powerful women of US Hillary Clinton which has made its place to the one of the biggest achievement and by winning it by admiration with people and after getting their infinite love towards the party and their faith over the nominee and after capturing the democratic nomination for president on later Tuesday Night. She is the first women who has ever to lead a major political party in the race for the white house.

Hillary Clinton Wins Democratic Nomination For US President

Delegates have been erupted in the cheers as the Clinton made his primary rival, Bernie Sanders has helped him making it official when the roll call got his home-place of Vermont, They show an important show of Unity for a party which is trying to heal the deep vision. It was a striking parallel to the role Clinton played eight years hen she firstly hold the mike himself, on the convention floor. This time she has done something which was firstly seems unbelieveable and has rocked the floor which she couldn’t broke in 2008 .

The second night of the convention and later headed to the media tent to protest whaat they aid was their being shut out of the party, this later result in thousands of hundreds to gather at there philadelphia city’s hall under a blazing sun, and they were chanting “Bernie or Bust”.

Clinton, who promises to tackle income inequality and rein in Wall Street if she becomes president, is eager to portray Trump, a businessman and former reality TV show host, as too unstable to sit in the Oval Office.

But Trump, who has never held elective office, got a boost in opinion polls from his nomination at the Republican convention last week. He had a 2-point lead over Clinton in a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll released on Tuesday, the first time he has been ahead since early May.

Sanders has endorsed Clinton, but some of his supporters protested in Philadelphia against the party leadership’s apparent backing of her during the Democratic primary fight.

Sections of the convention hall were left conspicuously unpopulated on Tuesday night as delegates from strongly pro-Sanders delegations, including California, walked out after Sanders moved that Clinton be named the nominee.

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