Hollywood’s Amazing Movie ‘The BFG’ 20th Day Box Office Earnings & Collection Worldwide

The BFG movie collections

Here now one of the most awaited film is on the big screens Big Friendly Giant which is one of the best animated 3D film of the year 2016. Big Friendly Giant had done a great business on the box office and hit it by its huge collection.

The story of the film is quite impressive and interesting and people really like it and more the characters played in the film. Big Friendly Giant gonna make you feel awesome as the story is full of adventure and having an impressive and interesting story. As you already have watched the film on the big screens and the story concept is quite interesting and unique.The

The BFG movie collectionsSo the response of the audience is good towards the film and they really love it. Big Friendly Giant will let you go to your past and your childhood period. Big Friendly Giant is all about a little pretty girl named as Sophie and she is playing the main leading role in the film and really loved by the audience.  Once a day Sophie meets a Big Giant human who is following her from a long time and when they meet each other they have a great understanding and they become good friends.

Sophie is a simple and a cute girl who wants to live a simple life and on the other hand the Big Friendly Giant live with more of the other giants. The story of the film includes a related London Orphan who is connected with Big Friendly Giant. And many of the other giants were also present there on that place where he landed.

The place is called as the Land of Giants. Big Friendly Giant is in the mixture of two moods happy and sad . He is sad because other giants on the same place are so rude and not good in nature and he is happy because of Sophie.

The other giants who were present there are so rude and they eat humans to remove their hungriness and they called human being as human beans. Overall the film is going so good on the box office and had collected a heap of bucks from the box office. The film had a great response from the audience worldwide and in India it is in a tough competition as there are many of the film releases on the same dates.

More over Big Friendly Giant got a positive reviews from the audience worldwide. Big Friendly Giant had collected $77.6 million at domestic box office, but ultimately film had earned $395.9 million globally.

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