Hollywood’s Sci-Fi Movie “Independence Day 2 : Resurgence” 4th Day Worldwide Collections Earning

Independence Day 2 : Resurgence

Independence Day 2 : Resurgence, is yet another sequel to the American Science fiction movie series which was first released in 1996 as Independence Day and has been very active in news now. The much awaited movie sequel went worldwide on June 24 which it was also released on 22 June in some places around the world.

Independence Day 2 : Resurgence, is a science fiction movie in which the humans are seen fighting the space peoples to protect and prevent any further harm, which was very eminent in the prequel of Independence Day 2 : Resurgence. This movie goes even more higher as the humans have created a Earth Space Defense system (ESD)  for securing the parameters of earth from foreign materials. Independence Day 2 : Resurgence, has been produced by Ronald Emmerich while some of them contains the same thing.

Independence Day 2 : Resurgence

Its the fourth day of the movie is the worldwide release is concerned and Independence Day 2 : Resurgence, has done very bad according to everyone. The story although is full of surprises and elements of supernatural, the scenes where a whole alien ship drops ASIA over LONDON has been the major fault which gave boost to the over all critic ratings of the movie.

Independence Day 2 : ResurgenceHowever, instead of the reviews, the people are still heading over to watch the movie. Precisely to mend the mood which Conjuring 2 created as a horror but comedy film,  Independence Day 2 : Resurgence, has successfully achieved the payments. It collected 43.4 million dollars worldwide which was even more less than the crew’s expectations and the summer.

Hollywood action again disappointed the viewers. For Independence Day 2 : Resurgence a total income of 143 million dollars have been made which is very low on chart and it can be expected whether or not the movie will be crossing the 200 million mark in the coming weekend.

For today the total collection can be expected up to 32 million dollars worldwide while in India the movie has not received any personal liking and a total of 2 crore is a good to go amount for it .Independence Day 2 : Resurgence has collected 17 crore approx.


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