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Riya Tells that she has opened a new company in which they has to arrange  events and get money. Sarla says come to me when you get money. She gets angry. She yells at Sarla and says you are not helping us and you should arrange money.

Sarla says she is doing her best and she will see if she has some money or not. She goes. Sarla thinks how bad Shanti is as she keeps eye on her money but she is not going to give them a penny. Preeti and Pari comes home. Pari says she has gone with Preeti as she was feeling bad. Sarla says fine. Preeti talks sweetly to her and says you are tired i will massage your feet. Sarla says go ahead. She murmures that Shanti is so mean and she misbehaved with me. Preeti asks if Dadi has come. Sarla says yes. Rani comes and taunts that Preeti is massaging today and this is good. Sarla says you go and clean Nirmala’s house.

mere-angne-mein-25th-april-2016Rani tells she went there but no one was there and Nirmala has kept fast so she took Ashok with her. Sarla says where. Rani says she took him to temple. Sarla gets worried and Rani tells her that she was kidding. Sarla shouts and asks her to do work. Preeti asks whose house. Sarla.makes excuses and says nothing. Preeti says dont lie and i know about second marriage of Ashok.

Sarla gets shocked. Riya gets call of Pinky and she says her relatives liked her work and they wants her to manage a birthday party and they will also give her advance. Riya gets happy and says fine i will come. Rani sees a photo of Amit with child. She gets angry and asks what is this.
Sarla says if this thing will be truth then she will make him out of the house. Amit says no its not truth. Rani cries. Amit says if i would have did this and i will bring that lady in this house but i have not. Amit says its not right and someone has edited this.

Rani thanks Sarla that she supported  her. Sarla says no i am not concerned about you but how will we run this house if Amit’s second wife will come.

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