Homejoy to shut down from July 31; Google Hires Its Staff

Google is on the mark of getting a threshold in the home services market. The company has hired around 20 plus employees from Homejoy, a startup company that had the idea of confronting a home cleaner with a home dweller.

Google confirmed the hiring through a new sister concern termed the “Recode”. This happened after Homejoy announced the shutting of its business at the end of this month.

homejoy googleGoogle had not issued any news about the organisation’s foothold in the home serving business but a different entity had reported that Google is coming up with options of engaging home workers with owners in terms of furnishing their homes.

The Homejoy employees that Google had hired consist of the production team and the engineers too.

So, when any individual types in a search for a plumber or a window cleaner, it would eventually help owners in hiring the person that the search level functionality provides.

Google had also come up with functionalities like comparing hotel prices, Airways tickets, etc.


2012 had marked the launch of Homejoy which served the purpose for individuals looking out for a trusted and verified cleaning service. They had expanded their business by providing services for carpet cleaning and hiring handymen for repair jobs.

The company gave tough competition to TaskRabbit, Handy and apparently Amazon itself. Amazon had recently launched its home service products over a month before and is quite booming regarding the services they are offering.

Homejoy’s business had come to a standstill with low investments and case files from the cleaners who wanted to be treated as employees and not contractors.

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