Hrithik Roshan To Promote Mohenjo Daro: Dance Plus 2 13th August 2016 Episode Performance

Dance Plus 2

An amazing episode of Dance+ Season 2 is back, India’s one of the biggest and most entertaining show of Star plus channel. The first performance is on Puneet ka challenge round which is Wild rippers from captain Dharmesh team is ‘Wild Rippers’. Their cute yet impressive performance is full of humour and amazing steps which are using Frisbee as a prop, they got lovely comments and praises from the Judges with full 25+ points and double plus. Their dedication and hard work really pay off to them with this exceptional stage and praise from the whole India.

Dance Plus 2

The challenge which is given by Captain Punit challenge is completed and the next challenge is of Captain Dharmesh which is Theme based dances. The first performance is of Shazia from Punit’s team, Piyush from Captain Shakti team and Tanay from Team Dharmesh.
The performances of Shazia is full of thrilling moments and steps and this leads her to superb comments from the judges, she got 20+ points all in all, the next one is of Tanay from Team Dharmesh, with his exceptional steps and outstanding expressions he succeeded in winning the hearts of the judges and audience too, he gets 20+ for his performance.

While joking and just pretending Shakti actually slap Raghav and make it all just a humour thing, who knows that it was true or just scripted. The next performance is of Piyush Bhagat, one of the best performer and most loving solo artist of Dance+ 2. He is one of the best dancers according to the Judges and the comments from the judges shows this all, he gets 19+ this time. Captain Dharmesh challenge is completed now after these 3 performances. Everybody gives a dance performance to Remo D’souza for his legacy and legendary history in Indian dancing Industry. Team Dharmesh and Team Punit is in the final showdown, the team which will go to be in this showdown is the ‘Famous Crew’ from Punit and ‘Mokshda’ from Dharmesh team.

The showdown is just on another level and both the dance performances us just outstanding and exceptional, getting tougher for Remo to decide who wins this showdown. Team Punit won the showdown this time. The name which will go to join is Shazia and Urban Singh crew for the top six is USC.

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