Hrithik’s Mohenjo Daro 24th Day Box Office Collection Till Date Total (Monday) Earnings

Mohenjo Daro

The one of the most awaited movie of Hrithik Roshan who is also the biggest dancing icon of India didn’t get too much of great and exceptional response which is being expected by Movie makers of Mohenjo Daro, while the movie is being prepared after a very long and dedicated research by the movie writer and director Ashutosh Gowariker. The director of the movie has done all the research by taking the help of archaeologist and after a very deep research of all the elements by him on the ancient times to make sure the authenticity of the movie didn’t get any other type of lacking in the story line or the plotting of the movie.

Mohenjo Daro

The movie somehow didn’t get a very great response or reviews from both critics or audience, the movie still manages to crawl through eh box-office with collection reports which is not very impressive or appreciable. The movie which was released along with Rustom which is also another most awaited movie of that time. Rustom and Mohenjo Dar had a very big and interesting clash which effects collection of both the movies Mohenjo Daro which got occupancy of around 2700 screen inside Indian domestic theaters on 12th August 2016 got a very mixed reviews from the viewers, while many give the movie negative reviews and which seriously affected the movie’s collection.

The movie somehow managed to collect around 57.42 crores and the run of the movie domestically comes to a very drastic end, which is quite disappointing for everyone. The movie which is made after a very budget of INR 140 Crore, the movie is a very big example for those who are willing to try something which is very unusual and isn’t expected by anyone.

The total earnings including both international and domestic collection of the movie are around 84.92 crore which consists of 57.42 crores from the Domestic collection of India and the overseas collection of the movie is around 27.50 crore which is nothing when compared to other recent releases. There are certain assumptions and revelation that the movie made so much of losses while the distribution and shares of the movie’s gross earning is not very impressive and shocked everyone who comes to know about the collection.

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