Hrithik’s MohenJo Daro Vs Akshay Kumar’s Rustom: Two Big Movies Clash On Box Office

mohenjo daro vs rustom

Bollywood is one of the biggest movie producer in the world with every single genre and when these movies get clashed on the box office starts setting on fire, because the movies sometimes becomes more than just movies. This is what happening in the case of ‘Rustom’ and ‘Mohenjo Daro’. These are the two movies which are going to release on the box-office this weekend, both of these movies are having a great buzz inside the movie industry and are getting so many responses from the audience and even the superstar’s side himself.

mohenjo daro vs rustom

All the superstars are giving their responses and expressions towards both these movies and are making news everyday for these upcoming movies. The ‘Rustom’ movie which is based on true events and life story of the navy official who is suspected in the killing of his wife’s extra-marital affair, but the scenes goes too much serious when there is no evidence found against him and the court has to take so many dates to finally give their decision. The movie is having a thrilling suspense story which is the most loved genre of the Indian movies, and the second movie which is going to release on the theaters against this suspense thriller movie is Mohenjo Daro which is an ancient action love story based on the life of a simple farmer struggle to get his lady love by going against the whole empire of that city.

The movie is shot in the ancient province of many places and is having quite impressive scenes in it. Most importantly you will go to feel the ancient empire’s society yourself and everything will be so much interestingly plotted in the movie. Both these movies are making a great deal of buzz an the movies songs are too getting good response from the audience which will definitely be going to make the expectations of the movie makers high. Both the movies have started their advance booking and there is a craze for both of these flicks. So guys choose wisely and watch the very first show on the very first day of the launch.

The movies are expecting the great response from the audience because the response from the trailer and music launch has also created a hype among the audience.

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