HTC 10 Price, Review and Features

HTC unveiled its new smartphone HTC 10 on April 12, 2-16. The Taiwan-based company comes out with a new 5.2-inch display and better audio and quality camera phone.

HTC 10 has an active audio set that gives the sound a greater depth. Tweeter in the front and woofer at the bottom with high-quality headphone makes a clear transmission of sound.

The phone also has a 12-megapixel camera with an image stabilizer on both the rear and front cameras. The company boasts of the high-quality camera and video recording options the new HTC 10 has on board.

HTC 10 includes a 5.2-inch screen with 4GB RAM. The phone has a storage capacity of 32GB and expandable memory up to 2 TB.

The company promises about the battery life which is likely to last for at least two days. The phone offers “Super LED” screens in tough Gorilla glass and also has a fingerprint reader.

Check the complete features and specifications at the official site here.

Check out the demo video:

Customers have an option to choose between two colours- silver and dark grey. The device has an attractive profile with a curved back and slanting edges.

The phone features Google’s latest operating system, Android Marshmallow. The phone has few apps pre- installed.

The users have an option of placing these apps as per their wish. HTC 10 is priced at $699 i.e. Rs 46,500 approximately and will be available in stores from May this year.

Where other smartphone giants like Apple and Samsung have occupied a significant chunk of the target audience with several options to offer smartphone users, HTC, on the other hand, focuses on its minimal product range and targets a particular set of audience.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see how HTC maintains its base of a niche audience and strikes profit with its competitors.

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