Humans Are Not Alone; Ancient Alien Civilization Exists – Study

Ancient Alien Civilization

According to a study report published in Journal Astrobiology on April 30, 2016, it has been learned that the chances of ancient alien civilizations are something which cannot be ruled out. Researchers have tried to simplify the famous Drake equation, to estimate the number of potential ancient civilizations.

At this juncture, readers should understand that Drake equation consists of many variables which will guess the number of advanced civilizations in the Universe. Frank Drake proposed this equation on 1961, and now researchers made use of it following the discovery of many Exoplanets.

The study claimed that chances of ancient civilizations are quite high, but they are pretty doubtful about the survivors who live now. Adam Frank, the lead researcher, told that human beings can make use of this research which will help us to prolong the life of our civilization.

As per Frank, the million dollar query of whether advanced civilizations exist elsewhere in this vast Universe has always been vexed with three significant uncertainties in the Drake equation. He added that infinite numbers of stars exist in this Universe, and even now scientists are not clear about the fact that how many of them have the capability in supporting planets which are inhabitable.

Researchers made use of Kepler Telescope, which scans for exoplanets in the solar system. Adam Frank and his team reconsidered the elements of Drake equation to understand more details about the lifespan of a civilization and also analyzed the intelligence state of the living beings in it.

On the whole, Frank concluded that evolution is something which is not unique, and it might have happened many times before in the history of Universe.

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  1. Informative article. But I doubt whether I can see a UFO in my life…Even Scott Waring will have the same mindset…