Humans may be able to live on moon in next 10 years: NASA

NASA has come up with a new study that suggests that human beings will be able to live on the moon just in a matter of a decade, according to a report on India Today dated July 23, 2015.

This news came into public with the announcement of the news on July 20 over the 46th anniversary of the Apollo 11’s foot hold on the moon’s surface.

NexGen Space LLC had come up with a detailed instruction on the process of upcoming landing on the moon.


As per the reports, it is suggested that a machine engineered process is on the way and the landing may happen as soon as 2017 if and only NASA goes by the terms.

Drones and rovers are said to be scouting the moon for a substantial hydrogen gas and the prospects can well start around 2019 to 2020.

A well prepared and functional base would be erected on the lunar surface and would go through the construction process around 2021 before the human landing session starts.

As per the savings is concerned, NASA prompts that they can easily be beneficial by the existing budget that the International Space Station holds in sending supplies.

This is been done by a few carriers such as SpaceX, United Launch Alliance and Orbital ATK.

SpaceX is currently providing supplies to the space station at a rate of $4750 which is way cheaper than the old-school Saturn V which took a lump sum amount of $46000 per kilo.

It also confirms that with their new generation rocket named Falcon Heavy, the carrier rate would be way cheaper than the Falcon 9 now.

Nasa has planned to orbit the moon again with its new Space Launch System and may reduce the launch process of twelve to three only cutting out extra budgets that is encountered.

This study is been done by former NASA administration domain with a few from the Commercial Spaceflight Community and 4 former astronauts.

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