Imli Says Vivaan To Sign on Divorce Paper! Udaan 22nd September 2016 Online Episode


The episode starts with Tejaswani move to Suraj as he comes to know about Chakor and Vivaan’s engagement. He says him to stop all this as he lost his love and now will he lose his wife too? Another side Chakor thinks that Imli has sacrificed his love for me and keep on thiking that ill never forget her this favor.

She gives and hand and Vivan thinks that I always loved Chakor since my childhood what is happening to me and he holds Chakor’s hand. Imli shocked and run aways from there while crying kasturi sees her and worries about her.

udaan-serialVivan sees Imli in Chakor and he starts smiling. He imagine Imli to Chakor and make her wear the ring suddenly Suraj and Tejaswani come there and shouts that stop everything. Vivaan comes in conciousness and sees holding Chakor’s hand instead of Imli.

Vivaan drops the ring and get shocked Suraj comes there and says have you gone mad you trying to get enngaged with my wife have you gone mad or what. Vivaan thinks what happening with me I was making her wear ring while seeing Imli in her that means I love Imli not Chakor.

Another side Imli cries and says loving someone is the worst part of life it always hurts and I swear by now ill now fall in love with anyone. Vivaan says now I have started loving her I don’t know how.

Suraj angrily ask to Chakor what’s this drama how can you do enggagement when you are already married with me. He hold her and take her with him Chakor ask him to leave her hand. Ranjana ask Tejswani to stop him, He reaplied even laws can’t stop him he is doing everything right.

Vivaan thinks It’s all happening just becuase of me I come to know about my feeling late. Chakor ask him what’s all this happening Suraj says when I made you free when Imli says then why are getting marry with Viaan. You know very well that they both are in love with each other.

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