Impressive Marathi Movie “Sairat” Till Date Total Box Office Collection


A movie which is having a very amazing story and is getting so much love from the Audience, and more often the movie is featuring both the lead actor who are debuting from this movie.

The film is featuring the story of the story of Parshya boy who is from a low-caste, and Archi, a daughter of a rich upper caste landlord. The movie starts when they both fell for each other and fall in love despite the strong opposition and aggression of their parents from society that they must not be together at any cost. When their relationship is revealed, the couple is faced with lots violence and many challenges before they leave for the city and try to reside their happily.


A movie which shows the problems which is being faced by the young generation because of old-rituals and old sayings and rules which has to followed and is made by our ancestors which doesn’t apply on the today’s generation.

A movie whose songs is getting so much appreciation from the whole music industry whether it is Bollywood or Pollywood (Punjabi Cinemas). The movie does have so many things which one can look forward and can expect from the movie.

First of its kind Marathi movie which is getting praises from the Bollywood actors like Aamir khan who has even said that this type of movies have the guts to compete with the Bollywood movies itself. Bothe the actors who are playing lead in this movie is very young and have the potential to possess and gave quality acting when gets good appreciation and direction just like they saw in this movie.

The movie has won so may awards until now and has selected for so many more in the upcoming time. The movie is still running amazingly in the theaters and will fetch more of luck for the makers of the movie and appraisals for the actors of the movie.

The total box office collection of the movie has gone far beyond 110 crore which is just amazing for a Marathi movie to collect and even cross in it’s way ahead.

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