Independence Day: Resurgence Movie Review Rating Stills Public Response Box Office Collection

Independence Day Resurgence

Hollywood’s one of the biggest and renown movie of its time movie which is still considered to be as the most loved movie till now.

If you have watched the first part of Independence Day and still remembers the movie as it was then you are one of the many guys who still admires the acting of the actors and their fantastic performance in the movie then you must have to watch the second part of this fantastic movie. The second part of the movie features Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Liam Hemsworth, Jessie Usher, Maika Monroe as the main lead characters of the movie who has given their best shots to prove their legacy. After twenty years of their Anti-alien event internationally community recovers and make new defenses to save earth from aliens using technology salvaged from remains of the alien weapons.

Independence Day Resurgence

During that the remaining aliens were able to send painful signal before they defeated and many of them are hiding from people. The aliens on other sides receive the signal and they once again threaten the human with new technology and with large force. The movie is all set to release world-widely tomorrow and it has done not so good business in Philippines.

When it was compared to finding dory because the only and most tough competition to this movie is being given by dory and who Knows dory will going to demolish aliens.

so guys it will going to be a very tough competition between this and two more movies which will going to release tomorrow and with most of the peoples believe and their love for the first part must be a crucial point in making it a hit or flop. The movie is still having lots of expectations even after the audience are having a mixed reaction towards it, this is happening because the first movie has made the level of demand much higher for the coming parts of the series, and most of all a movie like Finding Dory is still on board and it can distract the viewers to go to this movie rather then their own movie.

The movie when screened in Florida gets a low response because the movie has been directly getting the competition from the movie finding dory and most of the people are choosing dory over aliens. The movie is having reservation but not at that scale at which the movie was expecting.

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