India Hosts “17th India-Russia Annual” & “First Ever BRICS-BIMSTEC Outreach Summit” 2016: Know All The Major Updates!


Friday Evening, The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived Goa to attend the 17th India-Russia Annual Summit, and eight BRICS Summit and first ever BRICS-BIMSTEC outreach summit which is scheduled for starting on Saturday.

India will go to host the world leaders for the eighth BRICS Summit and the very first ever BROCS_BIMSTEC Outreach Summit. Prime Minister has tweeted his excitement towards this Summit and also said that BIMSTEC leaders are very significant, while the other members of the BRICS namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, while the seven members which BIMSTEC consist is off are Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, and Nepal.

brics 2106 goaThe summit has welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin, and will also go to welcome his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping and leaders of Brazil and South Africa. The Summit is likely to deliberate on a range of key issues which will go to include all the major issues like confronting the threat of terror and boosting trade and investment among the members.

India is all set to open up its talk about the growing threats from Pakistan and will surely go to India will mount a major diplomatic offensive against it and push for stepped-up cooperation. While as the Beijing will also going to point out the ‘protection’ of India which leads to the huge trade deficit with China, and all the government controlled media, and it is expected that this topic will surely get end in the Summit today.

The Chinese state-run Global times has shown the need for this topic to get the light in the Summit and they have also discussed the ,matter in the Global times” “The huge trade deficit with China has become an increasingly unharmonious factor in bilateral ties between the two countries, requiring China and India to take practical measures to narrow the trade imbalance when leaders of the two nations meet in India over the weekend for the BRICS summit,”.

Both the countries have tried their best by signing a five-year trade and economic cooperation agreement in 2014, but the effect has not shown a very great effect on both the countries.

The meeting has started and PM Narendra Modi has welcomed the Russian President Vladimir Putin this morning and will shortly go to start the bilateral talks in the Summit held at the GOA, where the meeting is held. The major topics which will go to get highlighted today are:

1. The issue of terror takes center stage as the leaders of BRICS or Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa meet, with PM Modi expected to highlight the threat from Pakistani terrorists, who had last month attacked an army camp in Kashmir’s Uri, killing 19 soldiers.

2. India will also go to highlight the matter of isolating countries that provide shelter to the terror group and helps them to restrain their strength.

3. India is expected to buy more of Russian defense system and one of the system consists of missile defense system – S 400 Triumph – and a joint venture to make Kamov helicopters in India.

4. India is very much concerned about the topic of Russia and Pakistan connection as India has raised its concerns about Russia’s recent joint military exercise with Pakistan. and as far as Pakistan is concerned in any matter, we have conveyed our concern and we are confident that Russia will reflect upon it,” this statement has been given by Pankaj Saran, who is the Indian Ambassador to Russia, ahead of today’s meeting.

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