Indian Coast Guard Apprehended Pakistani Boat With 9 Crew Member at Gujarat Coast


After Surgical strike there was huge complications and heat between India and Pakistan and as the topic of war is still under highlight and today Indian Coast Guard found a Pakistani boat with 9 persons at India-Pakistan International Water Boundaries.


The boat was under Indian region and was full of 9 people. Indian coast guard apprehended the boat and all 9 crew person. The boat was observed on 2nd October at 10:15 AM IST by ICG boat of Indian Coast Guard. Earlier the man in Pakistan boat said that they are the fisherman but as Pakistan is under surveillance after Surgical Strike thus Indian Coast Guard apprehended the boat and all 9 people and are investigating the matter. Coast Guards could have left them as they told they are the fisherman but as Pakistan retained his value in terrorism against thus the step of leaving them could be invasion one for the nation.

“The 9 crew members who were caught at Pakistan board are being escorted to Porbandar for further interrogation and investigation,Also” said by Defence PRO Wing Commander, Abhishek Matim.

Also,the Indian Coast Guard did a brief checking along 1600km long in the coastline. The Coast Guard has also deployed some more ships and aircraft so that proper investigation and checking can be done along the coast.

Further details of interrogation with the 9 crew members will get update right here. So stay bonded and keep visiting.

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