Indian Soldier Warns Pak After Uri Attack Reciting ‘Kashmir Toh Hoga Lekin Pakistan Nahi Hoga’ Video Going Viral On Social Media


India is known for his united nationality and true patriotism and when news arises like the one which has recently happened at the Indian Army Headquarters in the Uri on September 18, 2016.

The attack which resulted in 17 mass killings and about 19 security personnel got seriously injured was very shocking and spine chilling while a major question arose regarding the activities of Pakistan and thsoe activists and terrorists who are residing inside Pakistan. The news shakes the whole India and also the higher authorities about the national security and safety concern matter which is again arisen regarding the Indian authorities and its promises about safety.

brave-indian-soldierThe attack seriousy hurts everyone whether it is sportsperson, Tv actor, superstar or any famous celebrity while the politicians again got a matter to light their motives while tking this matter to become famous.

But the Army officials and army mens or allies of those who got injured in the attack seriously got hurt and a video which is made by a soldier goes viral on the social media, the video is a direct message to the activists and terrorists who are residing and attacking while taking the cover from Pakistani government and official will have to suffer the consequences and the direct warning to stop all this non-sense and cowardy things like attacking while taking cover and back-stabbing.

The message was in the form of a poem which a very well written and is truly showing the Patriotism and courage of Indian soldiers:
The video is below:

The Army man gave challange to the Pakistani terrorists about what will the consequencs they will have to suffer if they did not stop what they are doing right now.


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