Indian Wrestler Narsingh Pancham Yadav: ‘NADA’ Doping Verdict Set free To Fight Rio 2016

Narsingh Pancham Yadav

The case of selecting a player for playing in the Rio olympics is getting more and more tougher by time, Narsingh Yadav who has been exonerated from all doping charges has been leveled against him today.

The agency who has done this is the National Anti-doping Agency (NADA) who is responsible for selecting the players who will going to play wrestling for the Olympics has recently announced that the much-awaited verdict on Narsingh’s doping case. The NADA’s discipinary panel said that they were of the opinion that one time ingestion by NarsinghYadav was not within his knowledge and strengthened his claim to stand against the decision.

Narsingh Pancham Yadav

NADA panel also said that it was impossible for an athlete to keep a watch on drinks and that could not be regarded as a failure on the athlete’s part. They have given this decision regarding the wrestlers. They said that “There is no personal fault & negligence on Narsingh Yadav’s part, he is a victim of sabotage done by a competitor,” This statement has been given by NADA personally.

The confirmation regarding the case of Narsingh Yadav didin’t stand for a very long time and the verdict Yadav clears from this bout of blames.

Narsingh who has failed a dope test which was conducted by National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) not barely 10 days before the start of the Rio Olympics. The Rio-bound athlete tested positive for both “A” and “B” samples.

Then Narsingh was selected for the Rio Olympics in controversial circumstances as double Olympic medallist Sushil Singh had also staked his claim to represent the country in 74kg freestyle and the competition between them was quite a bigger one.

Yadav was also stopped from travelling with other men’s freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers to Georgia on July 25th for a fortnight training competition programme. The wrestlers were scheduled to leave for Rio directly from Georgia.

Narsingh supporters welcomed the decision from their heart. The social media too erupted with so many of reviews and their opinions on the verdict’s case.

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