Indiana Car Crash: Injured Pennsylvania Man Stays With His Girlfriend’s Body Inside A Car


A man from Pennsylvania found injured after 3 days their horrible car accident. They asked for help and his girlfriend’s body stayed in the car for three days and after three days they both were taken out. The accident happened on Saturday and the two who were travelling inside the car were Nikki Reed (37 years old) and Kevin Bell.

Nikki Reed died just after the accident when the SUV hits under an embankment in most south Indiana. Kevin’s leg was so badly injured that he couldn’t come out of the car for 72 hours and was unable to ask for help. Troopers found him on Tuesday night. Reed had her trip to Pennsylvania when she picked up Bell and family members said that they have talked their last talk with her when she was with Bell on her way to Indiana.


Nikki’s Daughter Brooklyn said to WHAS “She asked me to go Walmart and to get a cake for my little brother and also added that Reed asked her to call before she went so she called and everything was fine at that time”. She also added “She said she was in Kentucky so I didn’t think anything of it. So I went in and she said to call her when I came back out so I went to call her and she didn’t answer her phone.”

Nikki Reed’s family reported her missing on Sunday when she didn’t return back to home and also her phone was out of reach. Also, Bell’s family was also not able to contact him since Saturday. The accident happened when Bell, 39, lost his control over the SUV and he made the car move down an embankment off the road into a tree.

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