‘India’s Next Top Model’ Season 2: 4th September 2016 Latest Written Episode Updates & Live Episode Streaming

India's Next Top Model

In the last episode of one of the most famous and sizzling shows of the Indian Tv is back with another amazing and sensual episode of India’s Next Top Model. The show which gives immense chances and showcases their talent in front of the whole world.

The show which is being judged by Lisa Hayden and is being hosted by some of the finest and experienced guys in the Industry. The show is giving them the chance to share-out their talent and finish out even the slightest mistakes which might become a problem in their upcoming career. The show started with a very tough and strict task which is doing an advertisement for a very popular brand which is ‘Livon’.

India's Next Top Model

The task is very strict and even the director is telling and pointing out their slightest and finest mistake. The girls got very tensed and got retakes many times while the shoot is on, Next day mr.Kamat comes into the home of Model and it is very confusing and very suspicious for all of them that what will go to happen now and how. He brings a box with him which is the black-box and he gives them some cards which they have been given to write a question which the other one have to answer and that should be true to everyone’s knowledge.

They have given their best answer and that’s very impressive and even all the secrets come out and while trying to come out of all their fears. The fears and secrets of all the girls are now in front of everyone and that’s what shows the real power and this session makes them feel that everyone is rival to each other and no-one is a friend to anyone.

Lisa has given a new challenge and this is going to be a very tough one for all and they are scared of this suspense. Their today shoot is about Editorial advertisement and they have given them so many gifts which will surely go to give them the motivation to do more better and sensual.

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