India’s Most Wanted Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim nearing death?

dawood ibrahim dead

Dawood Ibrahim, the kingpin of crime syndicate D-Company is reportedly dying due to gangrene, and the gang has already started discussions to finalize the successor of the terrorist.

A former Police Officer, who worked in Anti-Terrorist Squad for years, has stated that Chota Shakeel will most likely become the descendant in case Dawood dies soon.

Shakeel is very aggressive, and this is expected to go in his favor when deciding the inheritor.

On the contrary, Shakeel has rubbished the gangrene rumors. He revealed that India’s most wanted don is as fit as a nut and all the reports coming about the disease are mere hearsay.

Gossips about Dawood’s deteriorating health surfaced in media portals when a few doctors were spotted in Karachi’s Cliffton premise, the probable residence of mafia king. Sources claim that even in the ill times, the underworld emperor is handling his operations smoothly.

The cause of illness is attributed to low blood supply as a result of hypertension and high sugar levels. Doctors may need to amputate the affected area, and if it happens, he will lose both his legs. Experts believe that his condition is life-threatening in nature.

India has been trying to nab the uncrowned emperor for the past few years, but almost all attempts went in vain. According to Intelligence reports, D-Company still has influence in modern day Mumbai underworld, and they are controlling it using the remote control from Dubai and Pakistan. Indian authorities think that ISI, Pakistan’s secret service is providing enough assistance in protecting the gangster.

Inter-Services Intelligence has always denied the presence of Dawood in their country.

Ibrahim is considered as the think tank behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts The mishap took the life of 256 people, and it is still deemed to be the most dreaded attack which happened on Indian soil. The mafia Don has also his clutches in International Cricket betting.

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