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Here a big news had come from Pukhrayan at around 3 am of Sunday’s morning that a passenger train, in which around 500 passengers was travelling gets derailed. 96 people died at the incidence and more than 150 peoples get injured badly. The rescue team is still struggling to save the life of survivors. The officials are also trying to find out the reason for such big incidence.


According to the reports, people are searching their relatives and 20 peoples are still missing. The rescue team is doing its operation and is saving the lives till now. The incidence is showing the phase of India Railway system which is still running on the same track since past many years. The officials are also telling that many people are searching their relatives and their belongings as well.

According to the latest images which are coming from the spot are showing the crucial situation which the people are facing. The Indian Railway System which is the 4th largest railway network in the world now needs to get improved. The channel which facilitates around 20 million people each day. The harsh situation of the major transport is now become the matter of the concern.

The passenger is still in shock and the also share their views. The respected Prime Minister of India had announced a number of Rs. 2 Lakh given to those who had died in the mishap. Those who gets badly injured will get Rs. 50,000 from the government. Mr Narendar Modi also posted on twitter and shows his grief for those who gets died and injured. He also says that he will now make the railway network more facilitate for the people.

Because of the mishap, the trains schedule is now get shifted and many trains have been diverted. People are now advised to have patience and call on the helpline numbers for any query:-

Ujjain- 07342560906
Indore- 07411072
Ratlam- 074121072
Orai- 051621072
Jhansi- 05101072
Pokhraya- 05113270239

Here are some additional helpline numbers:-

PNBE- 0612-2202290, 0612-2202291, 0612-2202292
RLY- 025-83288
MGS- 05412-251258
HJP- 06224-272230


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