‘Inferno’ Movie Reviews & Response: Tom Hanks & Irrfan Khan’s Exceptional Duo Is Greatly Appreciated!


‘Inferno’ is One of the latest movies which is having its release in India today and is getting a very impressive response from the audience. The movie ‘Inferno’ is basically and American mystery thriller movie which is being directed by Ron Howard and is being written by David Koepp, while the movie is based on the 2013 novel which is published with the same name by Dan Brown.

The movie is also the sequel to the very known and exceptional movies like ‘ The Da Vinci Code’ and the ‘Angels & Demons’ while the movie is having a very exceptional star cast which is being led by Tom Hanks as the lead role, reprising his role a Robert Langdon, alongside Felicity Jones, Omar Sy, Side about Knudsen and the very famous actor Irrfan Khan from Indian origin.

inferno-wWhile the main story of the movie which is based on the story of a person named as Robert Langdon who suddenly awakes in an hospital one day and finds himself with no memory of what had happened with him and then to get his memories back he takes the help of Dr. Sienna Brooks and his logic of symbology, this simple story gets more and more interesting and complicated with time as he gets more and more riddles and problems in his way to get his lost memories back.

The movie didn’t get very great ratings and the critics have presented the movie with quite only for approval ratings of 27% and the average rating is also below the normal level.While the movie was not able to do all that it can do with all the old team od director Howard and the screen writer David Koepp.

Then as the story gets serious, Langdon decipher a trail of clues which was left behind by a billionaire bioengineer, Bertrand Zobrist being portrayed by (Ben Foster), who has rustled up a deadly virus aimed at halving the world’s population, this was one of the points which were not greatly appreciated by the most of the audience and critics too, because crazy scientists who want to end the world didn’t seem to be a very normal story of it is just more than enough normal.

So this story is being managed by Robert Langdon to finds its to way to not only get his memory back but also to stop this from getting worse. The one of the major highlight in the movie is Irrfan Khan, who plays the shadowy Harry Sims ‘The Provost’ of a secret security agency that works for any client who has money to spare, has dubbed his own part in Hindi, while the Mumbai actor Sahil Chadha has lent his voice to Hanks in the Hindi version.

The duo has done some very great moments in the movie and shares the screens like some of those exceptional actors of the world. While the movie is preferred for those who wants to see the world-class acting of both Tom Hanks and Irrfan Khan in the same movie.

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