‘Instagram’ Save Drafts Feature: Rolls Out With Anti-Harassment Feature Too


Forget Instagram Stories, this time Instagram is trying to prove that it is definitely copying Snapchat, as they have confirmed that a new “Save Draft” feature will soon be rolling out for all users.

The feature was in testing mode since July and instagram think this is the right time to launch the feature, this feature will let you save your own posts as a draft and you can later edit it as well as post it whenever you feel like.Similar to Snapchat’s moments feature this one will give you almost the same kick as Snapchat is trying to provide to its users. The new feature will popup once you hit the back button after taking the picture, which earlier discarded the app instead. After testing it in July with some users Instagram launched the new feature for wider testing in August.

instagram-save-draft-new-featureinstagram-save-draftTill now this feature was just considered to be an experimental one, but as of the announcement made by an Instagram spokesperson it was now official that this feature will soon be made available to all the users. Instagram tweeted this yesterday late at night “Trying to create a post that’s just right? With the latest update, you can save as a draft & come back to it later”.

This came to our knowledge after using this feature, the popup to save as draft will only appear only if you apply any filter or location or edit your picture in some way, else the option doesn’t seem to appear if you don’t use any filter. In order to access your already saved drafts all you have to do is tap on the camera option and then on library, the posts will be made available to you under the head of new “Drafts” section.

A new manage drafts option is also available now which helps you delete the drafts that you don’t want anymore. This came with the revamping image of Instagram, which also includes a new anti-harassment feature that lets users filter out and report offensive words and elicit posts.

This feature was a necessity keeping in mind all the harassment that has been going on in the application recently. This is for now, stay tuned for further updates and news.

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