iPhone 7: Apple Live event Updates From BGCA, San Francisco (Revealed Specifications, Features, Prices, Images)

iPhone 7 charger

One of the biggest sensation of the year is on the verge and the day has come which will go to have thew biggest revolution in the whole year.

This one of the biggest event is being organised by Apple Inc, who will going to launch their 7th Generation OS which is the iPhone 7 and the upgraded version like the iPhone 7 Plus there are certain assumptions that they will also go to launch iPhone 7 Ultra which will be going to count on more of the upgraded updates in it. The whole scenario starts when Apple Inc announced that on this California giant will going to update its smartphone lineup in early September, there is a certain point of launching the update in this month.

iPhone 7 charger

The gadget will still go to have an amazing craze till the very end and beginning of the new year. The whole world is having a very great buzz and rumors have started to take place until the very first day when the news was out about the device. The buzz has been created by every single individual who has the knowledge about this field, like the Digital Artists, Images which is rumored to be leaked from the factories of China where the iPhone 7 is being prepared and that insider’s knowledge of Apple’s Plan about the device upgradations.

The gadget will go to be revealed today which is Wednesday 7th September 2016 at the very known Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, September 7, at 10am local time, (6pm BST).

iPhone 7 new leaks

The iPhone will go to amaze a very large crop of people because one of the updates is reported that it will go to be accompanied by four LED flashlights which will go to be 2 in cool colours and the other 2 in warm colour and the ambient light sensor. The problem of getting better images in the low-light is being solved very generously in this device by improving the device’s image quality and clarity.

The iPhone 7 Plus will going to with a dual-lens camera which will be capable of taking SLR-quality pics but the news is still in rumors. The Apple which is getting a very high-end tough competition while being compared to other devices like the Sony, Samsung and all the recently launched smartphones which are giving away much more clarity and powered lens then the residing iPhones in the market.

iPhone 7 new specs

That might be a very big upgrade in the Apple’s device which will go to take place to replace every single iPhone in the market. The rumors which get the most praises is about the water-proofing quality of the device is still unexplained as there are certain assumptions about the device which is being made after looking at the invitation of the Apple’s event, this time the assumptions is that the device will become water-proof which is also the biggest upgrades in this company’s device, while marking the other gadget’s quality and upgradations which are taking place in the market simply turning the tables for the Apple is now being taken down by Apple, if the rumors is to be believed.

This year’s launch is being assumed to be not too much expensive for the pocket and will going to be much more accessible by even those who didn’t the iPhone 6 and wants to buy the 7th generation at more and more possible lesser price, so the dream will be fulfilled very soon because the device might be coming with a much lower price tag.

iPhone 7

While the Apple decided to take out the 16GB and the 32Gb variants and adding 128-GB and 256-GB variants in the line-up. The prices of the device is expected to be around this category:

iPhone 7 32GB ¥5,288 (£595.25),

iPhone 7 128GB ¥6,088 (£685.30),

iPhone 7 256GB ¥7,088 (£797.87),

iPhone 7 Plus 32GB ¥6,088 (£685.30),

iPhone 7 Plus 128GB ¥6,888 (£775.36),

iPhone 7 Plus 256GB ¥7,888 (£887.92).
The rumors are not marking out any big change in the design and making of the device but the possible changes are still very much awaited and as the expectancies are still making the place the device will be much more ahead than any version of Apple.

iPhone 7.1

The smartphone will be made available in five colours which are-Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Dark Black and the Piano Black, while ‘Piano Black’ variety will be limited and availability will be not easy for this version.

The design of iPhone 7 might also get a drastic change which will be noticeable like the lines across the back as been removed. But the change will be not too much noticeable because of the camera lens which has been enlarged to take into account a more powerful sensor and the antenna lines has been enlarged moved across the back to the top and bottom of the phone.

iPhone 7 earbudsAnd the headphone jack which is a biggest change in the device is being confirmed but by the officials, the leaked images of the device is being noticed and is assumed to replace the headphone jack and headphones by ‘EadBuds’ which will not go to be made available with the phone and have to be purchased separately.

The next generation A10 processor which will go to accompany the device’s ability to work more powerfully and the software upgrade which will definitely go to increase the stability of the Smartphone even in the long-running hours of the device. The Apple will be lauching Super Mario Run in the Game and the biggest thing is that anyone can play th e game live. The game configurations is now much more upgraded and is easy to play for even the beginners. The another game for the Apple lovers is Toad Runner which will be available to play with your friedns and accessible to  play with anyone around the world.

The event has started and the one of the biggest event counts enormous audience and live viewers for the streaming of the event everywhere in the world.

The changes which Apple has brought is very impressive and most of them shows the great expressions and impression it has done to the society.

The ConnectED has shown an amazing transformation and the kids are engaged with this for their overall mental personality growth and teaching things in an easier way.

iWork is also another app for the students and teachers to connect better and work easier. The latest upgrade  by Apple is Real-time Collaboration which will help you work the great works in just a fraction of seconds, by showing the method how to use this app, Apple is doing what seems to be a very tough work. This will going to mark the ways how the people work forever.

The iPhone 7 is going to reveal in fractions of seconds and after revealing the biggest watchOS with latest and most amazing upgrades which is never seen and better experience with more better strenth and elegenacy.

The iPhone 7 is  having a lot of upgrades as told by Tim and marking the exceptional record of selling 1 Billion smartphone is the greatest trademark for Apple. The Updates of the iOs 10 is going to accompany with the world’s most greatest smartphone.

It’s the best iPhone we’ve ever created said by Tim and the exceptional design is just un-imaginable design like Apple has shown in this version.

iPhone 7 is going to be the best smartphone of Apple and is going to demolish every single smartphone in the world. The stunning design of

the silver gold rosegold and silver

the home button is now changed from pressure to touch impression for even more customizable performance. The Water and Dust resistence of the iPhone 7 is also unveiled with new seals and IP67 protection will going to save your phone from everything.

The camera is also upgraded with Optical Image stabilization

50% more light

6 element lens

High speed sensor for more energy efficient

two toned flash with 4 leds for better flicker sensor for more exceptional image quality

Image signal processor. the whole new level of camera experience. The front camera is 7Mp face camera with more sensors, wide colour capture and auto image stabalization.

iPhone 7 Plus camera is with two 12Mp camera one with wide angle and telephot lens with totally different experience for more zooming and lenses quality which is built in to one. The zoom will never be like this with more and better 10X image quailty for more expressing and optical zoomed quality.

The remarkable change in the camera whcih can also identify the distance and depth of the image can now be explained for more and expressing quality of the images.

The fifth change is the screen resolution and quality of the display for improving the user interface for more better experience.

Ian Spalter, Head of Design of Instagram comes out to show the exceptional wide colour capture of the camera.

The experience of using Instagram will also be upgraded with this amazing images from the seventh generation of iPhone7.

And now the speaker and sound upgradations. the stereo speakers which is both on the top and bottom for more dynamic quality.

The apple earpods, which is one of the biggest gadget being invented by Apple, is still unchanged and this will not going to effect many guys.

The wireless ‘EarPods’ is going to make place in front of audience which will going to change the experience of users, for more better and amazing performance. The W1 chip which will going to work on high efficieny of sound and quality for more exceptional sound with more better battery back-up for more working hours., the magical experience is also guaranteed by Apple for every single user.

The Earpods will be coming in a small case which will going to let you charge anywhere you want.

The Apple also launches Beats new upgraded versions headphones which are also wireless,

Beats Solo3 wireless and Beats X.

The performance is killing it everytime with the fastest working in every generation and this time too they have done something amazing, A10 Fusion is the latest 64-Bit two-core performance and 40% more faster workings then the last versions. The new GPU which is 50% more faster tha the last version than anyone and 240 times faster than any performance. The gaming performanvce is also being upgraded and gives simply incredible performance of this iPhone 7.

The battery performance will going to come with the longest battery life than any version and the long lasting hours will be coming with more battery backup.

The price for the Smartphone is given below:

iPhone is for $649 32GB,

iPhone 7 Plus will be available $769 for 32GB

The Official ordering of the Smartphone will be starting from september 16. The day is being made amazing by Sia’s performance.

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