iPhone 8: This is what we know about the 10th-anniversary release of Apple

iPhone 8

No sooner was the iPhone 7 and 7 flagship launched back in September 2016, rumors and speculations regarding the upcoming 2017 iPhone 8 were already taking the rounds. The Apple launch event that took place last year was a much-celebrated event. Apple managed to take the market by a storm by announcing that it was doing away with the headphone jack — a remarkable mark in the history of smartphone introductions. However, this year’s Apple launch event is, even more, looked forward to – the reason being: Apple completes a total of 10 years with its 2017 iPhone device.

Since the Cupertino tech-giant is working hard on ensuring that it creates an impact on the market yet again especially due to the fact that it is celebrating its 10th anniversary with iPhone; one can expect quite a few dramatic changes in the upcoming device. Several reports have even suggested that the company looks towards bringing about a radical design overhaul along with some serious performance enhancements.

We have compiled all the information on the basis of numerous leaks and speculations for you. Take a look:

Display + design of iPhone 8

The Stainless back to be back

If rumors are to be believed, the upcoming iPhone 8 is expected to come covered in a stainless steel back design. This isn’t new with Apple as it’s iPhone 4 spotted a similar design. However, with its iPhone 8, Apple is also planning on ditching the aluminum panel that covers the front and back panels of the device. Instead of this, Apple is planning on integrating a new glass design, which will further give the smartphone a premium look.

This was first reported by DigiTimes. The report read that the next-generation iPhone is expected to abandon its conventional aluminum back cover design and will adopt a new design using two reinforced glass panels and a metal frame in the middle. The metal bezel will be made of stainless steel using a forging process that Apple will be undertaking.

The new forging process will not only improve the sturdiness of the device but will also reduce the cost and the total amount of manufacturing time that Apple inputs in the building of the upcoming iPhone 8.

A transparent display in the offing?

Another report by The Daily Mail claims that Apple in 2016 was granted a patent which read, ‘Electronics devices with display openings.’ If this patent were to be interpreted in the simple language then it would simply mean that Apple is prepping up a device with a transparent display. As mentioned in the patent itself, the new technology will allow external objects placed behind the gadget to be viewed through the screen. If this takes the form of reality, then Apple will surely be the first one to introduce such a technology on such a major scale.

A possible wearable headset?

Another patent apparently filed by Apple also included the possibility of the Cupertino tech-giant of adapting an OLED display. Apart from this, the company is rumored to be working with world-renowned Carl Zeiss. Both the companies appear to be working on an AR project which is expected to debut this year. This AR project is expected to include a possible wearable headset that could deliver virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to its users.

Performance of iPhone 8

According to another report published by DigiTimes, Apple started working with Taiwanese Semi-conduction Manufacturing company last year itself. They had already begun work on Apple’s A11 chipset on a 10nm FinFET process. Therefore, it doesn’t appear like Apple will be slacking back when it comes to the performance of the device.

Camera of iPhone 8

A dual 3D rear camera?

The Korea Economic Daily late last year published a report that suggested that the Cupertino tech-giant was in talks with LG Innotek. While no official confirmation was released by either of the companies, it is believed by the majority that the two of them were in serious talks about developing a camera module that is compatible with the 3D technology.

“Apple is now studying how to apply its 3D camera technology into LG Innotek’s smartphone camera. Since LG Innotek also has its own 3D camera and related technologies, such joint efforts will likely to bear fruit in sometime within next year,” the report read. There are chances that the iPhone 8 might just end up coming with a dual rear camera setup.

What else to expect?

Two more features to be eliminated?

Chinese-language newspaper Commercial Times published a report recently that suggested that Apple might be working on wireless charging for now. If this is true, then there are high chances that the new device might not come with yet another hole in the device. The report cited industry sources that confirmed that a Taiwan-based Semiconductor company had entered a supply chain for the next- gen iPhone 8 to provide GPP Bridge rectifier for the support of fast and efficient wireless charging.

The company is also expected to do away with the physical home button. With constant reports of Apple acquiring numerous start-ups that specialize in facial recognition and other such password-replacing features, it appears like Apple might just eliminate another major specification from it upcoming iPhone 8 device.

iPhone 8 to sport high water-resistance

Korean Herald recently published a report that indicated that iPhone 8 will feature the highest level of water-resistance rating with IP68-certification. In other words, the smartphone will be able to survive submersion of 30 minutes in at least 1.5 meters of water.

Price and release date

Given the number of new technologies that Apple will be integrating with its upcoming iPhone 8 device, it doesn’t appear like it will fit the budget category. Fast Company published a report recently that suggested that the iPhone 8 might be priced well above $1000.

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