Irrfan Khan’s Madaari 10th Day Total Box Office Collection Worldwide Earnings

Madaari total collections

Madaari was released on 22nd July on the box office worldwide and doing good business. As Madaari was released along with the superstar Rajnikanth’s Kabali which is doing a huge collection on the box office so Kabali just have a bad impact on the collections of Madaari.

More of the audience were attracted towards Kabali and which was not good for the makers of Madaari. But Madaari give a tough competition to Kabali as Madaari is featuring Irrfan Khan in the main leading role of the film. Irrfan Khan is one of the most finest actor in the Bollywood film industry and having a great fan following so he got succeed in attracting the audience for his film Madaari. People are  coming in good numbers to watch  the film and Madaari had generated  a good reviews from the audience as well.

Madaari total collections

Here is a big reason for such a success of the film is that Irrfan  Khan is in the film and he is doing the leading role in Madaari. Madaari was in a very tough competition with both the recently released film Kabali and Sultan.

Kabali was released on the same date of Madaari and Sultan was released on 6th July and which was having a great collection and still people are coming out to watch the film. So both of these film had put a bad impact to the collection of Madaari but still Madaari is doing a good business on the box office. And we are sure that Madaari will definetely cover up the amount of the production of the film.

The trailer of Madaari was released few days back on the various social media platforms and on YouTube and had attracted a large number of audience towards it.

But the audience didn’t find the story of the film not that much good or we can say that Madaari was not up to the expectations of the audience. Overall Madaari got a good reviews and had done a good collection on the box office and had collected about more than Rs.15.45 cr. on on the domestic box office till today.

Madaari had collected more than Rs. 4.84 cr. on the international box office and which was not that much good amount for the makers of the film. Overall collection of Madaari was stands at Rs. 20.29 cr. and had collect good reviews from the audience. Madaari is still on the big screens and doing good on the box office. For more to know about the film stay tuned with us.

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