Ishq Ka Rang Safed 22nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates Recap: Viplav Slaps Kamini

Ishq Ka Rang Safed

In the last episode the veil of fakeness from the members gets off and the story takes a new turn. Viplav made Tripurari’s truth to came in front of all. He says to Tripurari that your truth now came in front and no one can save him now. The Tripurari gets angry and points a gun at Viplav. Dashrath comes there and kicks Tripurari from back. He scolds him and says that I don’t take my blood to be dirty. He says that you had to feel us ashamed today. He then drags him towards police and says them to take him.

Ishq Ka Rang Safed

Then, Kanak, Sushma, and Dadi come there. Tripurari says that I am not alone in this crime. He says that Kanak had helped me and is linked with this crime. All of them felt shocked when  Kanak confess her crime. They all then go to the police station where Kanak apologize to all. Dhani made  Viplav understand and says him that we have to take revenge from Kamini now. She says that we should be motivated for the future. Sushma then gets in front and gives a letter to Viplav. She says that Dhani wants to tell about her pregnancy from past five years. Viplav gets emotional and apologizes to Dhani.

Next morning, Viplav says to Kamini that he had organised a party for their love. Kamini gets happy and then Viplav gave her a letter. She reads and gets a happy reading that Tripurari gets away from her way. Viplav says that now I will take revenge from you in the party. Kamini gets in more pride and decides to call Dhani. She shows off in front of Dhani. Dhani says that I will surely come to see your true face Kamini.

After that, Viplav takes Kamini to the party area and says that he had planned a surprise for her. He gets on the stage and Dashrath, Sushma and Dadi Bua comes there. Viplav says that I will show you all the video of our love. He says Kamini to get ready for the surprise.

In today’s episode, we are going to see Viplav telling Kamini that he had to get to know about her truth. He says that I will not let you here with me as you had snatched my everything. Kamini gets shocked and Viplav slaps her hard. When they say her to confess her crime electricity turns off and Kamini gets escaped. Dhani says that she is soo clever and we have to catch her. The story turns at a point where the new turn and villain are ready to enter into it.

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