Ishqbaaz 10th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Online Recap: Tia Gets Tensed


Tia and her mom talks. She says she is angry with Pinky as she was taking Anika’s name. Tia says Shivay does not likes Anika and she does not likes her name too. Her mom says you should be in limelight. Om and Ishana talks. Ishana’s father and her sister stops Ridhimaa and Ridhimaa says she cannot come to Om as there is a case of domestic violence. Ishana thinks why Om is not looking at her. She tries everything. Bela sees Ridhimaa coming and goes to washroom.


Ridhimaa comes and meets Mala. She asks what is she doing here. Ridhimaa takes her hand and says she will make her meet Om. Ishana thinks now she has gone. A man comes taking dosa then he sees that where dosa gone. Ishana covers her face by dosa. Ridhimaa asks why she is taking this. She says i love dosa. She managed to go from there. She goes as Bela and tells Om that she is not feeling good thats why she is going home. Om asks should he take her to hospital.

Om asks Ridhimaa if she met Bela. She says yes i met Mala. She shows her that she is going. Tia gets someone’s call and she asks him to stay outside as there is coded entry. She asks Anika to give her code as she wants to go out. She opens the code and goes to take her diary. Om asks Shivay to go to Anika and say Thank you. Shivay becomes rude and says he will not. Om says its enough. Shivay says fine. He will say sorry to her. Tia goes out and a suspicious man enters Oberoi mansion.

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