Ishqbaaz 10th October 2016 Written Episode Updates Recap Video: Shivaye Breaks Priyanka’s Heart


Shivay says Anika you should not talk. Anika becomes angry. Priyanka says Saumya think like love angel and go and meet him. Saumya worries she tries to confront him but collides with Rudra. Rudra asks what happened Saumya. She hides beside Rudra. Saumya gets lost. Dev meets Priyanka. They introduces themselves. Rudra says i have decided to obey love angel and we will not fight. He says we are friends and tell about Romy’s secret. Reyan comes there and asks what you are doing here. Rudra says you know each other. Saumya says we wete dating six months before. Priyanka and Dev comes together.

IshqbaazAnika says see. Dev says first i want to meet her second time and we will know each other. Shivay gets call of Gayatri. Gayatri says i know you are searching me. Shivay says i will find you. He comes back. Tez asks what happened. Shivay says yes. Janvi says children have liked each other but i think they should give time. Mr Chhabra says can we do roka now. Tez asks Priyanka. Priyanka says yes. Reyan comes. Mrs Chhabra asks where were you. Shivay gets Disturbed. He leaves. Om asks whats wrong with Shivay. Anika says he is unpredictable. Shivay calls police and says Gayatri is calling and warning me. He shouts on them.

Om asks what happened. Shivay doesnot tells them. Rudra says Priyanka likes boy still you are worried. Om says you have two brothers and you need not to bear problems alone. He says you have brothers. Shivay says i am your big brother and there is nothing which i cannot handle. Priyanka smiles. Anika says Priyanka likes Dev. Tez talks to Priyanka and asks if she is agreed. Priyanka smiles. Anika says she likes the boy so much and teases her. Saumya says yes Priyanka was blushing. Shivay makes something in kitchen. Anika says his dish is burning.

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