Ishqbaaz 10th September 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Online: Everyone Got Drunk


Everybody decides who will write the letter. Saumya says what she has to write. Om says right i will tell. He tells some shayari. Everybody gets shocked . Malika says nothing is happening. Anika says lets write one one sentences. They all together writes letter. Malika says this letter is so cheesy. Om says this letter will not unite but separate them. Om says we should destroy this. Anika says no we will give her. Saumya throws letter. Malika says this plan flopped. She says we have idea that we should arrange a get together and no one will tell that Tia is coming. Pinky gives gift to servants and asks them to give to Tia. Dadi asks whats happening. She says i am giving gifts to Tia. That letter flew and settles on gifts of Tia. Pinky goes and tells Janvi that There is nothing in between him and Swatlana. Janvi says she doesnot believe her. Pinky says call him.


Pinky asks her to talk to Tez face to face. Janvi says yes i will talk. She gets worried and asks if you thinks so that everything will go fine after so many things. Pinky says yes i think and Tez also knows that Janvi is with him everytime. She ssys true love doesnot have age. Tia tells her mom that she saw Shivay’s ex girlfriend with Shivay on his bed. Her mom says patch up again. Tia says Shivay is at fault. Mom says we will not get this type of relation back. Tia becomes sad. Rudra and Om goes to Shivay. Om says there is get together in home. Shivay asks who is coming. Om says Malika Saumya Anika. Rudra says you have to come. Shivay says you have arranged get together for those people who meets everyday.

Shivay says ok i will come but for sometime. Om says we have to prepare everything and this work is risky. Roop says if we have to find locker’s number then there will be risk. Tia gets all gifts and that letter too. She reads letter and says Shivay doesnot talks like that. Roop goes to Tez. He asks what are you doing here. Roop says this is her land. Tez says this is his land and he doesnot need to take permission from her. Roop says she came to meet him. Roop exchanges his phone with other. She smiles and goes. Anika says we should arrange DJ and we will make them together. Om tells Pinky about party. Ridhimaa comes and Om asks how you came.she asks if you are not happy. She says she has brought something for him. She shows him jacket. Om gets shocked. He says he doesnot wears stuff like this. Om says he will come

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