Ishqbaaz: 11th July 2016 Watch Written Episode Everyone Tries To Cheer Shivaye

In the last episode of Ishqbaaz we saw that Om was talking to doctor about Shivay and his allergies. Then the doctor tells him about the poison traces on her blood. On thinks of a lady he met,then as doctors were about to move e aska about his health and they tell them not to worry. Then Rudra too gets very shocked to see the health of his elder brother.


Om gets very depressed, Anita asks this to bua about Sahil where-about, but rather than telling him about Sahil she scolds her for his so much habits of roaming outside and having fun all the day and he gets very serious about you the whole day. Then ankit looks and ask about Sahil from his neighborhood. Everybody was asking about why he is so worried.

Rudra was very sad about his best friends health and tell this to a by-goer who asked about his sadness and crying, He tells him everything about his condition and his health. The girl gets sad too and starts crying with him, because she knows the pain to lose a brother. She handed him something related to god and says to have faith over the god and believe in him.

Pinky tells about Shivay’s not present in the home,Jhanki too confirms and also says that Om and Rudra too are’nt in their room. Dadi tries to call him, but Shivay comes in front of her and and then everybody gets shocked to see blood over his T-shirt,dadi on this gets very still and falls on the ground. Then when everybody asks about his health.

Anika goes to Bunty’s place and scream Sahil’s name, Then a men says her that i’ve asked everyone and noone has seen them both. he prefers to find at anther place. The by mistakenly Sahil kicks a bottle which gets in front of her and she listens to this and gets doubted about him and when she was about to find him.

Somebody calls her and she loses him. In the next episode of Ishqbaaz we will going to see that. Tej thinks that Shivay manages the most part of Oberoi Business and thinks that if anything happens to him who would be benefited from that and makes a plan over this. We should be ready for the plan, Om when listens them talking about Him. Then the mysterious lady injects poison to Shivay’s body . Shivay gets well from that, then Tej asks Om to sign on the papers. Om shouts and raises hands on Tej while shouting him.

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