Ishqbaaz 12th August 2016 Episode Written Updates Star Plus Recap: Om And Ishana Meet


Shivay sees Tia in dark room and Shivay asks why she is here. Tia says she was going home and pray for him. Shivay says he cannot give her time and we should go on dinner. Tia makes excuses and goes. Anika sees There is no rikshaw and she watches Tia going and thinks to take lift from her but she sees man getting in her car. She says she has to help Tia as her life is in danger. She stops her and asks her to come out of the car. Anika makes excuse and Tia comes out. Anika says there is someone in car and she is helping her out. Tia thinks now she will be caught. Tia opens door and Anika finds nobody in car.


Tia says she don’t know and watches him and nods her head. Tia asks Anika to relax and go to home as she is so tired. Anika says she is sure that she saw someone. Tia says if she can give her lift. Anika says no and Tia goes. Shivay and Tez talks. Tez says Swatlana is coming taking security details in home. Shivay becomes angry and says Om is affected by her arrival. He tells Tez that Swatalana should not enter in Om’s life. Swatlana comes and asks if she arrived on wrong time. Tez says no. Swatalana says to fix security she has to come in house. Shivay says to keep it upto professional.

Shivay becomes angry and then goes to Dadi. He asks why she is working in this age. Dadi asks if she is old woman. Shivay says no you are young and should enjoy. Sahil says Anika di you are superman as you saved Shivay and Tia’s life. Anika says she will let Shivay to say thank you and sorry then she imagines Shivay holding poster of sorry. She gets shocked. Shivay says she gave him so many names and he has kept new name Stupid singh oberoi as he is so stupid. He says now he will keep names of her wallet and helicopter. Anika laughs and thinks she is dreaming. She realises she was dreaming.

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