Ishqbaaz 13th August 2016 Written Episode Updates Video Recap: Anika Leaves Shivaye’s Job


Ishana talks to Om. Om talks about some cheat and Ishana thinks he has got to know about Her. Then Ishana realises that he is talking about some other person. Om says sometimes he thinks Shivay is right or wrong. Shivay does not trusts Anika but he does not thinks Anika can plan something against our family and now he don’t know what to do. Ishana says do what your heart says. Om says he does not even know her. Ishana says he did not know her too and he trusted her. Om says yes he is sure that Anika cannot reveal that chip. Shivay is doing so much for our family and now he will also help him.


Rudra talks on phone and says he does not have notes and how will he manage to pass exams. Saumya says she will give notes. Rudra becomes happy and asks Saumya will help him. Then he realises she is talking on phone. Rudra says she is so rude and does not wants to help him. Saumya says Boys can lift dumble only not books. Shivay calls and asks to send his presentation. He asks what is happening in garden. Priyanka tells Anika wanted some electrician work for some extra lightning. Shivay calls Swatlana and asks if she has checked all electrician and their identity. She says yes donot worry.

Gayatri appears and does some wrong deeds. Rudra says Dadi Saumya is giving him notes. Saumya says she has pity on Rudra as he has 0% attendance in class and cannot prepare notes. Dadi says good that you are helping him. Priyanka says see what wonder is happening as Rudra is eating fatty food and Saumya is eating dieting food. They exchanged food. Rudra says he loves love angel then Saumya becomes angry and thinks she is love angel. Shivay gets to know someone has changed settings of water and connected electric wires. He asks everyone to prevent touching water in house.

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